Bucket List Around the Planet

I like making lists, and I would like to do the following things;

-visit Thailand and see the elephant sanctuaries

-go snorkeling in Australia

-go zip-lining and surfing in Hawaii (again)

-get drunk in Ireland

-sit on the bench where Augustus and Hazel did in Amsterdam

-stay in the underwater hotel in Dubai

-save an elephants life in Africa

-visit ancient ruins in South America

-put a lock on that bridge in France

-visit family in Denmark

-visit Bethlehem

-make a friend in Canada

-ride a donkey in Greece

-go on a cruise anywhere

-stay at an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean

-visit all the national parks

-see castles in Scotland

-visit Sea Monster museum in Iceland


Go FreeLee

Pink and grey vans have taken me many places, mainly high school and college. I included them because SCHOOL IS SO IMPORTANT.


My white converse. Oh my, oh my. I bought these during my first year of college, and that year was crazy. We’ll leave that there, but rather focus on my two favorite memories during which I was wearing these shoes. For starters, they were my go-to while I was in Chicago, visiting the river front, walking to the Sears tower or whatever it’s called now, shopping at the mall, laughing at my aunt while she played Pokemon Go. It was the best family road trip of my life, and these shoes definitely played their part. Shoutout to the weave I found while wandering in these shoes.

The other fond memory I have of these shoes was Halloweekend 2k16 in Lincoln, NE and Ithaca, NE. I won’t go into detail, but that’s why the shoes are so dirty and my possibly have a small blood stain.


On to my latest infatuation: my rose gold Nikes. Already they’ve taken me so many new, interesting places. My wonderful boyfriend, Eddie, took me wandering down town Omaha in the Old Market in these shoes, they took me into Eddie’s church, a beautiful catholic church. They’re a recent purchase, so they haven’t taken me very far yet, but I can’t wait for all the new places I’ll go with these on my feet.

Regarding Chicago

Sighting seeing, family, a beautiful wedding, delicious food, shopping, Pokemon Go, and every other part of a perfect family roadtrip would make for the world’s longest blog post. I’m just going to post a few favorite pictures instead. You’re welcome.

Ronald S. Lee

Some people call him speed god, some people call him Ron, most people call him a good friend, and I am the luckiest, because I get to call him dad. My father is the best human. He never complains that I can’t get my fish off the hook as a grown up, and so he has to do it and in the end, I end up catching way more fish than him because he has to help me the whole time. He always keeps me up to date with coyote hunting when I can’t be riding with him. He never lets my car get dangerous. He taught me how to play guitar, and how to appreciate music.

It is from this hero, that I get my love for local history and old stuff, my love for outlaw music, my love for guitars, my appreciation of classic cars, my love of western comedies, my secret dream of being a high school rodeo queen (I missed that one due to my tiny fear of horses that has since mostly dissipated), my love for grilled cheese and Red Baron. While I’m not much of a drinker at this point and time in my life, if I were to be, I would thank my father for my preference being cheap beer.

This summer in Chicago, he was my date to my cousin’s wedding in Chicago, and I truly believe I will never enjoy a wedding like I did that one ever again. My dad isn’t a fan of traveling, so most of the time we’re just at home, but going some place new with him is always my favorite because he has quirps, and bits of history to share the whole way. He understands me, helps me, and makes every experience a million times better, every time.

This is my indirect thank you to the best father on the planet. He’s my hero, and I’m so lucky to have him. I love him more than life itself, and you all better recognize.

A New Heaven and a New Earth

The bible verse on my header is Revelation 21:6. I first ever noticed this verse in particular while playing Fallout 3, my favorite video game. As it quickly became my favorite verse, I started to look deeper into it, reading and rereading the my bible, and that’s how Revelation 21-22:5 became my favorite part of the bible.

The first thing that is underlined in my bible is “there was no longer any sea” which is in reference to the new heaven and new earth. I’m not sure if this spoke to me because I can’t swim or if it was the comforting thought of there being no unknown. The idea of this new, perfect world was the single most comforting thing I could think of.

The next part, also comforting as anything else ever printed on paper, is Revelation 21:6. God always has your back and mine, and in the end, Eden will be restored, and he will be there to take care of all of us.

Eden Restored is the title of Revelation 22. It is a description of the new world and what life will be. “The water of life, as clear as crystal,” “the throne of God and of the lamb will be in the city,” and “there will be no more night,” all promise for the perfect forever, which is how the verse ends. The next thing underlined in my bible is ‘forever and ever’.

If ever you need a comforting, warm thought to consume yourself in, seek out this part of the holy bible. It has taken the bad out of my mind and replaced it with a sense of well-being and hope. I hope it brings you the comfort it has brought me.


HopelessLee Confused

There’s a list of things that I always seem to find myself thinking about and never understanding;


-why a microwave that makes things cold quickly doesn’t exist

-why my dad doesn’t want a Vietnamese potbelly pig

-my boyfriend, Eddie

And because of those things, my constant state of being is confused. 


What is my church to me?

My church consists of a large fellowship hall where I’ve eaten many delicious logos dinners, had my great grandparents’ 72nd wedding anniversary reception, had many potluck meals after church, and everything else I’m forgetting.

There’s the kitchen, where I’ve snuck cookies, and made my favorite mint green koolaid, done dishes, and bonded with all the ladies who have spent their entire lives basically in kitchens.

Theres the study, where I was inducted into P.E.O., where my favorite retired veterinarian sits during church, where the crying babies go ever since the nursery became less of a thing.

There’s the main room with all the pews. I’ve sat through hundreds of church sermons, some willingly and some just waiting for them to end, sat through funerals such as my great grand father’s and my Aunt Floss’s, given the sermon myself as the lay liturgist, been blessed with Christmas Eve worship services where we all stand around the room with candles and sing holy night as a family. This is where my parents were married, where I was baptized, where I plan on being married, and where hopefully, my children will be baptized.

There’s the choir room where I practiced before singing in the choir, hugged many, used my grandmother’s scented lotion as chapstick and immediately regretted it, spent time with one of my idols, my first boss, Carol.

There’s the office where I told Pastor Tim what I believed and made the final steps before becoming a member of the church, where Pastor K’s dog occasionally hung out.

There’s all of the back classrooms each smelling of chalk, where I’ve sat and talked about my love of God, and attended Sunday school, made friends, broken a plate, and found my love for god.

There’s the nursery that I used to play in during church after the children’s message during each service, where I played with puzzles, and food, and blocks.

There’s the lobby where I’ve ducked away quickly to avoid the few members who are a little too chatty for my taste, enjoyed breakfast after the early summer services, and drank more koolaid than I care to admit.


But my very favorite part of my church, is the people. Each smiling face belonging to someone who I love unconditionally, and I know and trust that they love me unconditionally also. The knowledge that there is a whole crowd of people who love me, support me, are there for me, and only want what’s best for me no matter what, it’s what keeps me going during tough times. These people are the people who give me the faith and confidence in myself to do anything, and I know that even if I fail, they’ll give me the strength to stand back up and try again. They’re behind me every step of the way, and I’m behind each and every one of them in everything that they do. They’re all such wonderful people, each with their own flaws, they’re what makes me want to be a better, kinder, more successful person.

So when it comes right down to it, with or without church, my faith in God and my loves for Jesus and my religion are unwavering, but besides my parents, my church and my church family are one of the greatest blessings in life. With them behind me and besides me, I honestly believe I can do absolutely everything.