Adventuring; A Beginner’s Guide to Lincoln

I used to do nothing but party, and I thought that was the only way to have fun, but recently, I’ve discovered a way better past time that’s much more rewarding. Adventuring has become a daily ritual for me, or at least something that I do absolutely as often as possible. Moving to Lincoln has left me with endless opportunities to explore and adventure so I figured I would share a couple of my favorite places to adventure with a small explanation of each in hopes to inspire more people to give up a life of partying for a life of adventure and real fun.

  1. My most recent adventures have been to Wilderness Park, which is easy to find on google maps, I believe it’s on NW 1st street. You park in a small lot, and pick a path, then just wander. My advice is to pay attention whenever you come to a fork in the path, as it’s easy to get lost, but luckily a lot of the paths lead to the same place. There’s miles of trails to hike, bridges to cross, and if you’re lucky, a myth about a witch to experience. Bring bug spray. I’m going to say that again, BRING BUG SPRAY. Water is always a good idea, too. Grab some friends, and go get lost.
  2. My favorite place in Lincoln is Densmore, which I’m sure there is a legal way to get too, but I wouldn’t know what it is. I get there by parking at the very back of the farthest parking lot of the Cooper YMCA, then follow the path behind the baseball fields, cross the railroad tracks, and follow the old rail road path until I get to the second bridge. It’s covered in graffiti. There’s also high way bridges with a bunch of cool graffiti even further, and although I haven’t seen it since the first time I went there my senior year, I believe there’s an abandoned archery range. Anyway, BRING BUG SPRAY. Enjoy the graffiti, walk over the bridges, enjoy the river. It’s beautiful.
  3. The next neat place is Hippie Cliffs. I’ve posted pictures of it before, but to get there you go to Pioneers park, drive down to a little lake, and there’s a tiny, barely noticeable path that leads back into the woods towards the quarry kind of. You follow a path and then there are cliffs to climb, another railroad bridge covered in graffiti to enjoy, old cars with stakes through them holding back the bank, and a few paths into the trees to explore. If you find the right one, you can end up in a clearing where you can see the quarry. Climb to the top of Hippie Cliffs, and there’s a fallen over tree, it’s safe to walk out on, I promise, and the view is totally worth it. Also, last time I was there I saw an unidentifiable animal that vaguely resembled a raccoon. So be on the lookout for neat wildlife. Oh, also, BRING BUG SPRAY.

There’s plenty more places and parks to adventure, those three are just my favorites. If you’re ever in Lincoln and wanting to go adventuring, let me know. I’ll gladly guide you to any of these places and we can go on the adventure together.


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