The Girl I Used to Be

I used to sit around waiting to receive flowers, then I learned to pick my own. That is the exact epitome of the past few years for me. I learned that life isn’t some Disney fairytale or romantic movie where some perfect prince is going to come in and take care of me. I learned that even with the perfect guy, life is better the more you care for yourself and love yourself. Self care and confidence are the two most important things to being happy, with or without someone. So pick your own damn flowers. 🌺 🌹 

Other self care tips,

Pay attention to the little things and be forever grateful for each blessing in your life. 

Remember, you’re in control of your future and pay attention to your strengths and use them to better your life. 

Surround yourself with people who build you up and make you feel more empowered. 

Eat healthy, exercise, practice good hygiene, and exercise your spirituality, be it religious or not. 

Take time to do whatever it is that makes your soul feel most at peace. 

Find ways to better yourself as frequently as possible. Don’t forget to keep growing as a person. 

Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy first, then worry about the people around you. Feed your own fire to burn brighter for others. 


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