Cling to What is Good

Like breakfast foods at midnight,

Like sunshine on a rainy day,

Like a flower growing out of a crack in the concrete,

Like violently fiery pink clouds in front of a sunrise,

Like a shooting star on a dark night,

Like finding five dollars while doing laundry,

Find the good in beautifully out of place places. 
Like lazy Sunday mornings full of sunshine,

Like glowbugs in the early evening,

Like forehead kisses as you’re waking up,

Like a secret exchange of a mischievous smirk,

Like Saturday nights out with your best friends,

Like holding your hand in the car on long drives,

Hold the good little things in life close. 
Like zip-lining down a volcano in Hawaii,

Like driving your brand new Lexus,

Like making a life long friend,

Like getting to spend a day with everyone you love,

Like putting your toes in the ocean and feeling it in your soul,

Like finally going to bed after the worlds longest day,

Find the good in life, and cling to it. 


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