In Lincoln, Thinkin about 2:30 AM

That’s where and when I want to be with you. That’s my favorite time and place to spend time with you. The city sleeps but you’re wide awake, laughing at my stupid jokes, making me smile. 

Other 2:30 AM moments, you know, the ones without you, are especially lonely. They’re vacant and yet full, but only of everything I don’t want. I would give up the rest of my early mornings just for a few with you. But the ones without you are much more frequent, and mildly heartbreaking. 

Lincoln is our city. I don’t think I could think of Lincoln and not picture your face. These streets, these lights, much love for late nights, the ones with you in them anyway. We have a whole city to roam, and I think we should go crashing through the streets during my favorite time.  We could make noise, and just not care about anything together. That would be nice. 

So thank you for my favorite time in my favorite place with my favorite person. I can’t wait until it all lines up again. 


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