There’s something heartwarming about the phrase, “this made me think of you.” As if there was some gentle reminder that I exist, and an important enough to be remembered. Those little reminders that make someone think of you, enough to say something or capture a moment to share with you later, are some of the most important things on this earth. Being remembered, feeling important to someone, they’re both things that humans need. Maybe not necessarily to live, but to be happy. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged, and the picture on this post did that for me. 

So here are a few things to keep in mind,

1. You matter. You’re important. 

2. Someone is probably thinking about you right now. 

3. You’re never completely alone. And if you are, you’re not on your own at least. 

4. There’s something different about you from everyone else. Everyone has something that sets them apart. You are not a copy of anyone else. 

5. Trains have cool graffiti, and I freaking love cool graffiti. 

6. The world has much to see, and you can see it through other people’s eyes if you can’t get every place. 


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