Don’t Bother

Making decisions is one of the things I’m just all around absolutely horrible at. The decision making process for me is more complicated than rocket science. I like to think it’s my anxiety and my bipolar disorder messing with my life, and that it’s not just me being bad at life, but truthfully, I don’t know. I don’t understand how my mind works, and that’s today’s message: you won’t ever understand my mind either, so don’t bother trying to. 

I’ve made a lot of good decisions in my life; starting my college career in Wayne, moving to Lincoln, getting close to certain people, etc., but I’ve also made a lot of bad choices. When the consequences come around, I often find myself wondering what in God’s good name I was doing or thinking, but that’s all I can do: wonder. I can spend days analyzing my actions or seconds dismissing them, but either way, I’ll never understand why I did what I did. During the process of making each decision, there’s a disconnect somewhere. 

So when I do something you don’t like, don’t bother trying to understand why I did it. Just hate me if you’re going to, or quit wasting your time worrying about it. When I do something that makes you happy, don’t bother wonderingn what made you so lucky, just accept it. Don’t bother with why. 


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