There’s a difference between getting lost and being lost. That difference is purpose; it all has to do with purpose. Whether you are lost on purpose, whether you know your purpose, whether there even is a purpose… but getting lost on purpose makes you a wanderer and just being lost makes you normal. 

You create your own regality. I choose to live in a reality where every day is an adventure. I choose getting lost over being lost. I choose to be a warrior when my mind wants me to be a worrier. I choose the create my own happiness and spread it around as much as possible. 

Everyone is just a tiny speck of stardust on a little blue marble hurdling through space. Remember how small you are and how little your choices really matter. Don’t be too hard on yourself for your mistakes. Just remember to do whatever it is you do with purpose. Get lost on purpose. Wander aimlessly on purpose. Be a warrior on purpose. Purposefully create the reality you desire. 


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