My father raised me to acknowledge the past as if it were gold. Everything from the past is a small bit of our future. So I want to take a day out of my past an reminisce. 

This day was a day at the lake in Georgia. Who doesn’t matter. When doesn’t matter. All that matter is that this experience is a part of me. Even when you say goodbye to the biggest part of your life, it’s the mementoes that matter. What is was hurts but it’s nothinf compared to what it could be. 

With me, things are different. I’m crazy. I don’t know what I want. I lead people on without meaning to. I trust people I should. I do things I regret but there’s nothing I am do about it. I’m not strong enough. I do my bet hut sometime it’s not enough. 

My past is nothing. I am more. We never really know what we’re looking for. I am as mad as the wind and the sea. We know who we are but not who we may be. So be brave, be who you are. I know I’m bright, you, my dear, are a star. 


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