Time Traveler

I just found a quote on facebook that says, “One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday, so why was I letting it touch me?” So of course, my mind wanders to my past and everything that I’ve experienced so far in life. Then, I started pondering my current situation in life. I ended up thinking about m future and I realized, in my mind, I am a time traveler and I’m fascinated with the idea as to why.

“If you’re already bored of tomorrow, you need to do something different today.” Time overlaps, so when I try to travel forward sometimes I find myself in the present or even the past, which can’t be altered, at least to my knowledge. There’s the great idea of just living in the moment and embracing every minute as it passes, and I love that, but I feel as if with a little extra planning you can get much more out of life.

On another, mostly unrelated note, time does not exist. Dates, hours, seconds, they’re all made up units of measurement that humans concocted in order to help comprehend the vast endlessness that is life. There is no ‘right time’ or ‘wrong time’ because there is no such thing as time. There just is.


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