Dog Season

Every year, as soon as it gets warm out, and I start leaving my house, it becomes dog season. I meet dogs everywhere I go; walking down the street, at parties, at my friends houses, in public.. just about every where I go I get some puppy love. The realization that this is one of my favorite hobbies, and an actual season in my life has taught me a few lessons:

1. I love every dog without reservations and I should do the same for humans. (Keep in mind trust and love are two very different things.)

2. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all still the most wonderful thing ever. Every human, despite what they look or act like has something beautiful and unique about them. Listen to their stories and accept their wisdom the same way I accept puppy kisses. 

3. Having a dog is a great way to make friends. 

4. If I can find a dog everywhere I go, l should be able to find a reason to smile everywhere I go. Even if there isn’t a dog there. 

Dogs teach the most beautiful lessons. Thank the Lord my father instilled such a fondness for puppies so deeply in my heart. 


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