Porch Couch Cuddle Thoughts

1.  Trains

   A. I can’t stop thinking about trains. I hear them constantly. I work with railroaders every night. I’ve never been on one and I hear it pays well, so if school doesn’t work out that’s my plan. 

B. To the guy I am crazy about; thank you for being such a dedicated student. You inspire me. I can’t wait until my grades are better than yours. Thank you for your forgiveness and your kind caring personality. Thank you for feeding me and being there for me almost every time I need comforting. Thank you for coming back to me and letting me know that Inmatter to you. Thank you for playing me beautiful music on your guitar. Thank you for falling asleep in me lap. 

C. The ‘city’ of Lincoln is always awake. Te sounds the sights, maybe they’re all new to me, but they’re beautiful. I’ve never been so happy. The people I’ve met, the paces I’ve gone, the food Jve eaten. It’s all some of the lost amazing experiences I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful. 

D. Sirens scare me. Pray with me for a moment for the background sounds as I wrote this. 

F. I wrote a song. Call me sometime if you ever want to hear menplaunotnon my ukulele. 



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