$100 Bills

As a child, a crisp one hundred dollar bill of my own was a very great rarity. It was always the most exciting moment; proud if I earned it somehow. It was always a big decision whether to spend it or save it. 

Now, though, I’m an adult. If I cashed my paychecks, I could have a small stack of hundreds. Occasionally, I do just to boost my spirits. The decision as to what to do with those benjis has become ten million times harder. There are always bills to pay. There’s fun to be had. As a girl, I’m constantly convinced I need new shoes, a new purse, and a new wardrobe. There’s other things I know I shouldn’t spend my money on, but still want to. There’s vacations to be had, pets to spoil, friends to share the wealth with. It’s almost as if saving is hardly even an option anymore, what with so many better choices. 

It’s so hard with an impulsive spending problem that I assume almost all people my age have (or at least I tell myself that to make myself feel better) to realize that you have to save in order to have the major nice things in life, like a long vacation. Once you really figure that out though, and figure out what big goals you have to save towards, it gets a little easier to want to save. It just become the process of doing it and being able to do it. Now that I’m done with school until the fall, I’m thinking I’m going to get a second job, all for the purpose of stacking hundred dollar bills in a nice savings fund. 

Also, those of you super duper close to me know why my mind happens to be on hundies tonight, so you can bet your bottom dollar tomorrow is going to be an amazing day and I absolutely cannot wait. Only six more hours. 


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