Elephants, an Infatuation

I don’t know when my obsession started, but I know it got progressively worse my Junior year of high school. Anything and everything elephant related was all I seemed to care about. I bought anything that had elephants on it, I talked about them constantly, and one of my best friends even adopted one in my name as a birthday gift for me. When elephants became a huge part of my life, everything just seemed to get so much happier. I even have an elephant tattoo, and plan on sleeving my entire leg in elephant tattoos. One things, until recently, was missing though. Despite having plans to go all the way to Thailand in the hopefully near future just to give some love to abused elephants in elephant santuaries, I hadn’t actually seen in elephant in person since I was about 5. 

That changed on May 26, 2017. 

Do you know what it feels like to have a completely full heart and a completely happy soul? I’ve only experienced complete bliss several times in my life, but getting to see these perfect creatures in person was one of them. 


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