A Whole New Day

I don’t wake up first thing in the morning anymore. Honestly, I should be going to bed first thing in the morning, but I love mornings too much to sleep through them. That has resulted in my sleep schedule being a mess, but I’ve had some really amazing days lately, despite being exhausted for them. Now that I don’t sleep at night though, it’s hard to decide when my new day starts. Midnight is towards the beginning of my shift, so that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense for me. I never sleep at the same time, so it can’t just be when I sleep, so I’ve decided on mornings. My new day starts at 7:00 am when I get off of work and go start my adventures or my naps depending on where I am and who I’m with. 

Every morning is really exciting for me, because it’s an opportunity to do literally any fun, productive, or relaxing thing I could possibly want. Having no responsibilities during the day other than to sleep for a few hours, which who would complain about, is the most amazing thing ever. Night shift is definitely my favorite time to work. Given, I’m not entirely on par with getting as much sleep as I should, it’s still been a blast. And if we’re being honest, my body is finally starting to adjust to minimal sleep, and while that’s not entirely healthy, I’m so happy about it. I can sleep when I’m old or dead. In the meantime, there are adventures to be had. There are people to love and enjoy the company of. There is a whole bright world each brand new day for me to explore and experience and I think that’s what happiness is. 

The Jonas Brothers’ song Year 3000 always gets me psyched about the future. There’s so much uncertainty, opportunity, and freedom. Here’s to never knowing what’s going to happen and diving headfirst into life anyway without fear of what may come. As soon as you accept that you can only control yourself and you just have to handle everything else, your anxiety lessens a little and everything seems a little brighter. Be as you are, without fear of the future but rather an adoration of everything it may be. Here’s to your future; may it be absolutely blessed with happiness, adventure, positive experiences, and good friends. You never know what’s coming, but you’ve got this. 

We know we who are, but know not who we may be. 


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