Ready for the Adventure, or Not

The Adventure

Falling in love is possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done, not because the heartbreak I’ve endured was unbearable or anything, but because it’s either going to end at some point, or it’s going to last forever, and both of those are just so permanent that the whole idea of love is terrifying.

Ready or Not

Finding someone new that you’re interested is always so exciting and fun, but at some point during the first few weeks, it always hits me. A little voice in my head changes the honeymoon period into an anxiety inducing mess of a relationship. “You’re either stuck with this one person forever, so I hope you like your choices, or they’re eventually going to leave and it’s going to be very painful.” You think you’re over the past, but the new feelings remind you of old feelings and all of the sudden everything gets so messy.

Here I Come

The first thing that I need to keep in mind, is that everything on this earth will either last forever, or it won’t and that’s no reason to be terrified of something.

The second thing I needed to realize is that not everyone has to be your forever. Some boyfriends are just temporary people meant to fill space and time in your life, and more on that, you don’t always get to decide whether that person is temporary or permanent. They have a say in that too.

The last thing, I need before even considering starting a new adventure with a new soul, is to listen to Bryce Vine’s The Fall, and to be sure that I can let this soul into my life without doing any damage to it while my own soul heals and grows.


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