Dead Flowers

Townes Van Zandt has a song entitled Dead Flowers, and honestly, due to the love of Townes my father lovingly instilled in me, and the past few months of my life, the term ‘dead flowers’ has grown to be such a huge metaphor in my life.

Dead flowers,

-send them to an ex, or someone you once loved. They can be a malicious goodbye.

-rotting in a cemetary or home after there isn’t anyone left to take care of them. They can be a bitter reminder.

-sitting on my dresser reminding me of my worth.

They can be a reminder that I deserve the world, and while some people may temporarily give me that, unless they’re ready to give me the whole world all the time, they’re not worth my time, because I matter. To live is to fly, and I’m not flying next to anybody that’s more of a dead weight than a feather helping me fly.

I deserve the world; fresh flowers, happy people, friendly smiles, good food, and every thing else that makes life wonderful.

Dead flowers have meaning, but as a 20 year old hot mess, they’re nothing.


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