Lincoln: Big Small Town

As a girl who grew up in small town Nebraska, college has always been a scary thought. That’s likely what caused me to go to Wayne State my freshman year, but I knew I wasn’t going to stay there. I believe it was predetermined that I would always go to UNL, so off I went to the city panicked about driving in one lane traffic. 

   Then, I got to Lincoln. The more and more time I spent here, learning to drive downtown, making friends, and learning about this way of living life, I realized Lincoln isn’t a city at all. It’s just the biggest most spread out small town in Nebraska. 

That’s why I feel so at home here, so if you ever get the chance to visit my home, I’ve created a list of can’t miss mostly free things you should probably do. 

-visit pioneers park

-find the graffitied railroad bridge by densmore park

-hot tub on the roof at 8N lofts

-pool party at lat 

-watch a show at The Alley

-celebrate football season in the bottoms

-visit the zoo (my friends dad owns it. It has cheetahs) 

-go to a husker game

-go to the antique stores

-check out all the foreign grocery stores

-obviously stop at a pet store, I recommend pet doctor. 

-eat at the Chinese place between little ceasers pizza and heartland urgent care on 27th

-find the park with the manmade waterfall thing

-cruise down Sheridan boulevard

So yeah. Get on that. 


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