At War

The biggest battles I face are in the inside of my own mind. Indecisiveness is like a disease for me. Making up my mind is an impossible task. It’s a constant struggle second guessing every action and word I take or say. A recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder explains it a little, and the medication is starting to help some, but when I want one thing one day and hate myself for even thinking about that the next, medication and labels are nothing. 

My current self growth goal is to end the war within myself. I don’t want to be battling my own mind every minute of everyday. I want the freedom of being able to think and walk in peace. 


7 Replies to “At War”

    1. That first song I sent was Icon For Hire… they have really good bipolor/anxiety/depression songs… and here are some more to fit that mood…

      Olivia O’brien – Empty

      K.I.D -Errors

      Cruel Youth – Mr. Watson

      Paramour – Hard Times

      Lovely The Band – Broken

      I could go on and on posting music. Hope you enjoy it. It’s what gets me through hard times. We’re all a little broken. 🙂

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  1. Sorry I don’t talk much…I get really bad anxiety. One of these days I won’t be so weird and I’ll tell you how much I love your blog to you face to face. I almost did just now…but then you know anxiety…I don’t know what happened…and I’m still not sure that you know I’m CokeAnut…lol. If you didn’t I’m sure you’ll figure it out now. So thank you for the nice comment on my watch and I really hope you get to feeling better. Have a nice night. 🙂

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      1. Also my snapchat = cokeanut if that’s an easier way to talk than this. I should probably get some sleep though. Again I hope you get to feeling better and have a great rest of your night! Also keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading!


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