Little Change; Huge Differences

Broke. If you were going to describe me with one word, the most accurate word over the past few months is that exactly; broke. Budgeting, enjoying all the free food to the fullest extent that I can, and choosing nights in over weekends out to save gas. Recently though, my boyfriend and I both got really good jobs. We’re finally starting to catch up again and with the help of my grandma being her usual generous self, we even had a little extra for the next two weeks. 

Obviously that meant I had to spend it, so off E and I went to target. Sales on sales on sales later, my bathroom in my tiny little apartment now has a beautiful blue shower curtain that has “make waves” scrawled inspirationally across it. The floor and porcelain prince now have warm purple rugs, and there’s new towels, hand cloths, and a mango scented candle. A handful of cheap little changes, and suddenly, my whole home seems more warm and welcoming. 

I’m more excited to spend time at home now than ever before and it’s all because target was having a sale on bathroom stuff. So that’s neat. 


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