Yay. Salamander. 

This was the caption of this photo. I cannot at all remember where this was, when this was, or where I got the cute little fella, but clearly, I was loving my life. That’s why I cherish photos and writing equally, because both parts are crucial to preserving memories. This memory is gone for now, and that’s honestly kind of sad. 

It was with this thought in my mind, that I started pondering about all my forgotten adventures. While I realize it’s hard to remember things you don’t remember, I’m sure there are a ton and that’s mildly depressing/ kinda heartbreaking. For this reason, I vow to clearly and concisely preserve every wonderful, extraordinary memory I have as vividly as possible from here on out, to the best of my ability. 

-on that note, I’m also emotional because I came home to visit my mother and my favorite gas station that has always been 24 hours was closed. Miss ya Bill and Scott. RIP


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