Big Adventures; Little Life

The first time I realized how sad I was making myself while pining after all these grand adventures that I could not afford, I stopped. I re-evaluated. I realized that the only thing stopping me from having grand adventures daily was myself. There’s no need to travel thousands of miles when adventure is in your backyard. I had a whole ranch, a whole new part of Nebraska, or a whole city to explore no matter where I was, so I started having adventures. 

This is a photo from my ranch. I had all this and was feeling extremely ungrateful. That has since changed and now I appreciate the beauty of home every time I have a chance to make it back. 

Coyote hunting and fishing with my dad and my dog, Barley quickly became my favorite adventures to have on the ranch. 

While in school in Wayne, NE, I had made friends and instead of being bored we would drive around or travel to new places exploring the part of Nebraska we were unfamiliar with. 

Then, I moved to Lincoln, which is my longest adventure to date. I strive daily to try new things, explore new places, befriend new faces, and experience as much life as possible. 

Don’t wait for the adventure to happen, just go out and adventure. You get whatever you want to get out of life. 


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