A New Heaven and a New Earth

The bible verse on my header is Revelation 21:6. I first ever noticed this verse in particular while playing Fallout 3, my favorite video game. As it quickly became my favorite verse, I started to look deeper into it, reading and rereading the my bible, and that’s how Revelation 21-22:5 became my favorite part of the bible.

The first thing that is underlined in my bible is “there was no longer any sea” which is in reference to the new heaven and new earth. I’m not sure if this spoke to me because I can’t swim or if it was the comforting thought of there being no unknown. The idea of this new, perfect world was the single most comforting thing I could think of.

The next part, also comforting as anything else ever printed on paper, is Revelation 21:6. God always has your back and mine, and in the end, Eden will be restored, and he will be there to take care of all of us.

Eden Restored is the title of Revelation 22. It is a description of the new world and what life will be. “The water of life, as clear as crystal,” “the throne of God and of the lamb will be in the city,” and “there will be no more night,” all promise for the perfect forever, which is how the verse ends. The next thing underlined in my bible is ‘forever and ever’.

If ever you need a comforting, warm thought to consume yourself in, seek out this part of the holy bible. It has taken the bad out of my mind and replaced it with a sense of well-being and hope. I hope it brings you the comfort it has brought me.



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