I have one older brother, three younger brothers, one younger sister, one younger stepbrother, and one older step sister. I was also blessed with the best Daddy on the planet, a wonderful mother, a great stepfather, the best grandparents Earth has to offer, kick butt uncles and aunts, and a multitude of fabulous cousins.

I figured it might be best to take a minute at 2:30 AM to appreciate those closest to me. For starters, there’s Jayden. He’s the smartest, funniest person I know, and I hated growing up that I had to try ten times as hard to be half as good as him at everything. I’ve since learned that he’s better at most things for a reason, and I have my own talents, but I still look up to him as if he were a superhero more often than not. Next, is my baby brother Beckett. He’s actually in high school currently, but my senior year, he was a freshman and I realized how fast he’s growing up and how big hims getting, so he’ll always be my baby brother and my best friend. Then there’s Graysen, and she is smart, sassy, and just like Jayden: good. at. everything. I actually cannot wait to see all the wonderful places she goes in life. Next up are my two actual baby brothers, Ryder, the sweetest boy you”ll ever meet, and Deacon, who we all thought was going to be mom’s first kid to go to jail, but that was when he was three. Lucas, my brilliant and hilarious stepbrother, and Maddy, my unique, spunky, fearless stepsister were the perfect addition.

My dad is an silent cowboy type. Then, you get to know him and he’s actually the funniest guy ever, smartest guy ever, and handsomest guy every. He’s affectionately referred to as speed god by many of my brothers friends.

My mother and her husband are a rollercoaster, but it’s one of those rides that you hope never ends because the thrills and the highs of being around them are priceless. They turned two broken families into a home full of love, laughter, and ridiculousness; they are magic.

My grandmother is probably who I am closest too. She has had more than likely the most influential role in shaping who I am as a human, and I could never thank her enough for teaching me manners and giving me the love of God that I have. Her husband, my granddad is even more silent and smart than my dad. He’s a blessing.

My closest cousin is Mattie. She’s her own person, always impressing me with how much she can accomplish and by being such a beautiful person inside and out. Her dad, and his brother that’s not my dad have also played pretty influential roles in my life, always trying to help me be the best me I can be.

There are plenty of others, but the moral of the story is, even when I don’t feel like it, I am loved infinteLee, and there’s not a single thing I cannot accomplish with the amount of support I have behind me.



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