What is my church to me?

My church consists of a large fellowship hall where I’ve eaten many delicious logos dinners, had my great grandparents’ 72nd wedding anniversary reception, had many potluck meals after church, and everything else I’m forgetting.

There’s the kitchen, where I’ve snuck cookies, and made my favorite mint green koolaid, done dishes, and bonded with all the ladies who have spent their entire lives basically in kitchens.

Theres the study, where I was inducted into P.E.O., where my favorite retired veterinarian sits during church, where the crying babies go ever since the nursery became less of a thing.

There’s the main room with all the pews. I’ve sat through hundreds of church sermons, some willingly and some just waiting for them to end, sat through funerals such as my great grand father’s and my Aunt Floss’s, given the sermon myself as the lay liturgist, been blessed with Christmas Eve worship services where we all stand around the room with candles and sing holy night as a family. This is where my parents were married, where I was baptized, where I plan on being married, and where hopefully, my children will be baptized.

There’s the choir room where I practiced before singing in the choir, hugged many, used my grandmother’s scented lotion as chapstick and immediately regretted it, spent time with one of my idols, my first boss, Carol.

There’s the office where I told Pastor Tim what I believed and made the final steps before becoming a member of the church, where Pastor K’s dog occasionally hung out.

There’s all of the back classrooms each smelling of chalk, where I’ve sat and talked about my love of God, and attended Sunday school, made friends, broken a plate, and found my love for god.

There’s the nursery that I used to play in during church after the children’s message during each service, where I played with puzzles, and food, and blocks.

There’s the lobby where I’ve ducked away quickly to avoid the few members who are a little too chatty for my taste, enjoyed breakfast after the early summer services, and drank more koolaid than I care to admit.


But my very favorite part of my church, is the people. Each smiling face belonging to someone who I love unconditionally, and I know and trust that they love me unconditionally also. The knowledge that there is a whole crowd of people who love me, support me, are there for me, and only want what’s best for me no matter what, it’s what keeps me going during tough times. These people are the people who give me the faith and confidence in myself to do anything, and I know that even if I fail, they’ll give me the strength to stand back up and try again. They’re behind me every step of the way, and I’m behind each and every one of them in everything that they do. They’re all such wonderful people, each with their own flaws, they’re what makes me want to be a better, kinder, more successful person.

So when it comes right down to it, with or without church, my faith in God and my loves for Jesus and my religion are unwavering, but besides my parents, my church and my church family are one of the greatest blessings in life. With them behind me and besides me, I honestly believe I can do absolutely everything.


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